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3C Excellis Serialisation Training

Pharma Serialisation is coming – the time to act is now

It is estimated that by the end of this decade, item-level serialisation will be a requirement covering 80% of global pharmaceutical sales. This means that 80% of your sales may be at risk by 2018 if you have not established your serialisation capability.

Will you take that risk – or will you act now?

3C Excellis Europe’s Pharma Serialisation Workshops

Getting serialisation right is therefore one of the key compliance requirements for pharmaceutical manufacturers and other participants in the pharma supply chain. At the same time, getting first class, independent and practical advice is proving to be a challenge.

This is where 3C Excellis come in:  3C Excellis (previously 3C Integrity), acknowledged thought leaders with unequalled practical experience, are offering a programme of unique Serialisation Workshops.

The trainers – Christoph Krähenbühl and Ian Haynes – are uniquely qualified to deliver a comprehensive training informed by years of practical experience that addresses this industry-wide challenge. The 3C Excellis Serialisation Workshops deliver clear and relevant guidance, supported by high value content that will put delegates in the best possible position for a perfect start to their readiness programme; every workshop:

  • delivers a training curriculum that is fully structured and controlled by 3C Integrity;
  • covers all the areas from project initiation through practical implementation steps;
  • consists of content that is based on practical, real world knowledge and experience.

A proposition that you can’t afford to refuse

Whether you are at the beginning of your journey towards Serialisation or have already set off, 3C Excellis’s Serialisation Workshops offer a unique and invaluable chance to ensure your programme is on the right course. Join us to find out what you need to do now:

  • How to scope and size-up your serialisation programme and reserve the necessary budget now
  • How to get your senior stakeholders, your team and the wider organisation on board
  • Critical areas you need to consider, beyond the narrow focus on the Serialisation Technology Stack
  • Compliance consideration of Serialisation and Traceability

3C’s International Pharma Serialisation Training is aimed at any participant in the pharmaceutical supply chain, including:

  • Manufacturers of Pharmaceutical Products (Branded or Generics)
  • Marketing Authorisation Holders
  • Contract Packers
  • Re-packagers / Parallel Traders

3C’s Training also offers an ideal opportunity to on-board new team members at companies with an up-and-running programme who need to rapidly understand the wider background and context of serialisation projects.

Why is this Serialisation Workshop special?

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Securing Industry

Getting serialization / serialisation right is one of the key challenges for any pharmaceutical manufacturer but many manufacturers struggle with these challenges and are finding it hard to get first class, independent and practical advice.

That is why 3C Excellis Europe have decided to develop this programme of serialisation / serialization workshops.

Why attend?