Make sense of the regulations with a practical guide
to an effective manufacturer readiness programme

3C Excellis have developed a unique service that will enable pharmaceutical manufacturers to understand serialization requirements.

Our regulatory requirements radar will ensure you understand traceability requirements at a glance and in a wider context. This will enable you to understand how to plan a response that will lead to the implementation of an effective readiness program for currently known and future anticipated requirements.

Unlike other lists of requirements that are available, the 3C Excellis Europe Requirements Radar focuses on the “So what?”, offering an expert interpretation of the requirements and what they mean for pharma manufacturers, leading into practical guidance on understanding the requirements in the wider context and preparing an effective manufacturer readiness program both to address the immediate requirements but also tackling this work strategically in the more long-term context.

The 3C Excellis Europe Regulatory Radar focuses on serialisation and traceability requirements. The radar aims to provide a comprehensive, systematic overview of existing and anticipated regulatory requirements for coding of pharmaceutical products.

The radar also details the enablers/capabilities necessary to fulfil the requirements along with a view of the role of supply chain participants in the requirement and their obligations

As well as recording technical details of specific coding requirements, the 3C Excellis Radar provides early warning of new and emerging coding requirements in order to feed the regulatory monitoring and assessment processes of pharma supply chain participants.


Serialization expertise

For the life science and pharmaceutical industry we make sure you deliver serialized products. We are a leader in traceability and understand the needs of the pharma supply chain.

We have a comprehensive and experience-based perspective on serialization and track and track solutions that we implement into our supply chain practice.

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IT Solutions Expertise

3C Excellis are highly experienced in the planning, design, and implementation of SAP business processes for clients in the pharma and life science sectors.

We are proud to be an official SAP partner delivering over 40 years of combined expertise through our deep knowledge of SAP methodologies.

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Validation and compliance

3C Excellis deliver validation and compliance that not only follows industry best practice it meets regulatory and quality standards.

Our consultancy has the experts, processes, and tools to successfully manage any validation and compliance project you have. We incorporate a risk-based methodology that will help you achieve your compliance objectives.

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