Secure your pharmaceutical supply chain
with our structured CMO on-boarding program

3C Excellis have extended their serialization services with a comprehensive on-boarding program for CMOs.

Pharma manufacturers – brand owners, generics, virtual pharmas – are currently engaged in serialisation readiness programmes to become compliant with global traceability requirements. While the primary focus has been on internal sites, lines, and systems, a critical risk lies within the external network, the CMOs and 3PLs, leading to a lack of traceability readiness across the wider supply chain.

We will help you engage and integrate your CMOs and 3PLs successfully. 3C Excellis offers a proven CMO on-boarding program that starts with a structured assessment leading to end-to-end readiness, linking your internal and external supply chains together seamlessly. Manufacturers who also act as CMOs face an added challenge and in integrating with their external clients.

3C Excellis is uniquely positioned to understand all practical aspects of the wider on-boarding programme such as artwork, master data, technical agreements, quality processes and enterprise integration to combine this in a comprehensive approach including strategic engagement, communication, pre-defined roles and responsibilities and best-of-class project management.

As part of our on-boarding program we will work with all parties from manufacturers, to CMOs, 3PLs and their network solution providers.

We will keep track of the big picture so that each company involved can focus on the part they need to play in securing the supply chain

Our methodology is based on industry-acquired experience and serialization expertise. We add value while we get you and your supply chain compliant.

Serialization expertise

For the life science and pharmaceutical industry we make sure you deliver serialized products. We are a leader in traceability and understand the needs of the pharma supply chain.

We have a comprehensive and experience-based perspective on serialization and track and track solutions that we implement into our supply chain practice.

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Validation and compliance

3C Excellis delivers validation and compliance that not only follows industry best practice it meets regulatory and quality standards.

Our consultancy has the experts, processes, and tools to successfully manage any validation and compliance project you have. We incorporate a risk-based methodology that will help you achieve your compliance objectives.

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Regulatory requirements radar

We deliver strategic and practical guidance that will make sure you are fully prepared for an effective manufacturer readiness programme.

3C Excellis is the only consultancy to offer this innovative service that will enable you to understand your immediate serialization requirements and the long-term strategic context.

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