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August 25, 2017
500 miles of serialization: 3C Excellis talk EU-FMD at free events in October
September 12, 2017

The EMVO explain the EU-FMD System Landscape at NEXUS17

In June we participated in Tracelink’s NEXUS17: Ensuring drug availability in the EMEA with a digital supply network. This year’s European conference focused on preparing delegates for the EU-FMD and the DSCSA through two days of deep expertise and insight from industry leaders.

As part of his commercial and partner management role at the EMVO, Christoph explained the system landscape at NEXUS17. Tracelink have given us permission to share the video below.

Christoph’s keynote presentation as the EMVO speaker (the European Medicines Verification Organisation) set out what getting ready for the EU-FMD means and explained the workings the EMVS, the European Medicines Verification System.

Watch the 6-minute presentation below to understand the key features of the EU Hub, National Systems and how the systems support the critical business scenarios in the European pharmaceutical supply chain.

Our core business is supporting pharma companies

3C Excellis Europe’s core business is supporting pharma companies – brand owners, generic manufacturers and contract packagers, world-wide enterprises, small specialised companies – in planning, refining and delivering their serialization programs.

We are the global leader in track and trace and cover all aspects of complex implementation programs from line-based equipment to ERP-level IT systems, all aspects of coding and master data, validation, partner on-boarding and supply chain integration. 3C Excellis Europe is a subsidiary of Excellis Health Solutions.

Interested in finding out how 3C Excellis can help you to on board to the EMVO hub?

Interested in finding out how 3C Excellis can help you to on board the EMVO hub, with minimum risk, effort and lowest costs? Please send an email to:



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