The current picture of serialization in 2017
March 31, 2017
Only 38% of pharma companies have started CMO on-boarding. Are you sure that your CMOs and 3PLs are ready for the EU-FMD deadline?
May 2, 2017

Get the insider’s view on the EU-FMD: register for our free webinar today

Who: Christoph Krahenbuhl and Ian Haynes
What: Online Webinar
When: 2pm (BST), 27th April 2017
Cost: FREE

Manufacturers, CMOs, 3PLs, and everyone else within the pharma supply chain will need to secure EU-FMD compliance by 2019. As the world’s leading serialization experts, 3C Excellis Europe will discuss essential areas to ensure you are ready for the February 2019 deadline.

You will leave with essential insights into what EU-FMD compliance means in strategic and practical terms. We’ll provide further information and talk to you about our exclusive tools the Regulatory Requirements Radar and our Serialization HealthCheck. Combined with our webinar they will ensure you know your own state of readiness and that of everyone in your supply chain.

Join 3C Excellis at our webinar and leave knowing:

  • The basics: Requirements, organisation and systems – EMVO, NMVOs and EMVs
  • How to connect to the European System – Process, connections and things to consider
  • Obligations of the different stakeholders – What are the key elements of your EU-FMD readiness?
  • The known unknowns – What is and not yet fixed about the EU-FMD?
  • Hot Topics – Aggregations? Multimarket pack issues?
  • In or out? Brexit, Switzerland and the markets with an extended time-line

Add value to your serialization readiness. Register today and secure EU-FMD compliance with 3C Excellis

If you can’t make our free online webinar please email We will add you to the waiting list for our next session, in return we’ll send you the registration link first to register your attendance for our next webinar.

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